Warm acoustics in the old ballroom

Whether you like coffee concerts, high-tea sessions or classical music recitals, The King ‘s Ballroom is famous for its warm acoustics. This unique location does full justice to the wonderful sounds of violins, grand pianos and cello’s while the guests enjoy the Majestic surroundings. Incidentally, you can choose how you want the ballroom to be arranged. Possibillities include a theatre-style arrangement for an intimate concert (for 150 gueats) or an arrangemet with bar tables to give a festive touch to your music event (for 100 guests). We can also contribute ideas of our own to really make your event stand out. The King ‘s Ballroom is a concert venue for une salve d’applaudissements.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various possibillities or request an offer directly online.